How Did FLY³ Come About?

Sebastien Mars Founder & CEO, has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He started his first business at 10 years old and sold it a little over 10 years later. Throughout his life, he has always wanted to build something larger than himself, something that would exist long after he is gone. 

While Sebastien has always been an entrepreneur, his passion for sports started about a year after beginning his first business, at around age 12.

Over the years, Sebastien was always looking for a way to combine his passion for business and sports that would allow him to build something he could be truly proud of.

Finally, FLY³ was born!

What is FLY³?

FLY³ is an athletic and lifestyle apparel brand and company dedicated to:

Providing high-quality athletic and lifestyle clothes to active individuals Helping the fight to cure kidney Disease We are committed to donating  $2 of every order over 100$ to the fight against Kidney Disease.

Why Kidney disease?

Sebastien is a kidney disease patient and has to do dialysis 4 times per week and it not only affects him who has to do it but also his entire family. He has always hoped he’d see the day where no one has to experience this terrible disease, but instead of just hoping, he decided to do something about it.

Where’d the Name come from?

FLY³ is a company of athletes. We live by the saying “NEVER QUIT” Because to be successful in life and in the business you have to keep it a game and make it fun.

On behalf of my team and I, we thank you for your support, we welcome you to the FLY³ family, and we encourage you to check out our most recent collection!

-Sebastien Marchi / Founder & CEO



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